Tips for Building a Custom Home

Alan Erickson
3 min readSep 23, 2022

Most people prefer custom-built homes because they get to have a say in how their homes look and feel. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re considering building a custom home.

A custom-built home is one you’re involved in its construction from the ground up. You work directly with the home builder to design, plan, and build your home. You get to decide on the layout, the number of rooms, and the color of the walls. With this freedom and great involvement often comes satisfaction.

Custom-building a home also relatively gives you a chance to save on cost. That’s why you should pay close attention to the budget. It determines several other things — from the contractors you choose to work with, the design, and location, to the materials you use.

So you must budget wisely to avoid cost overruns or having to use subpar materials due to unforeseen financial challenges. Consider how you’d finance your project beforehand.

You can finance your project out of pocket or through a construction loan. Whatever your source of funding is, be sure you can secure a sufficient amount to help you complete your home project.

Choose your contractor carefully. Experienced custom-home builders don’t come cheap. Still, they are necessary if you want to get everything right the first time.

It’s advisable to go for local homebuilders to ensure you work with a team that understands your location’s dynamics. Because they understand the area, a local team will help you navigate the construction laws. Additionally, local builders know whom to talk to in case of any problems.

The choice of the location of your home is also important. Location determines several things. It dictates the type of home you build, its plan, layout, and even aesthetics.

The last thing you want is for your home to stand out in your neighborhood in all the wrong ways. Depending on the location of the land, local construction laws may limit what you can build or include in your house. Pre-existing homes in the neighborhood also dictate the kind of home you can build.

For instance, it may not be a smart decision to custom-build a $10 million house in a neighborhood with predominantly $500,000 houses. Choose a less restrictive location that allows you to blend in without giving up your preferences.

Custom-building a house can eliminate unnecessary expenses. Even so, you do not want to use materials that may prove costly down the line. Be sure to choose building materials that ensure your home project stays within the investment parameters. As you pick the materials, keep in mind the cost of future maintenance.

An experienced homebuilder should be able to guide you in choosing the best materials for your project. They would be able to perform cost analysis on an ongoing basis and suggest alternatives.

Unlike a rented or move-in-ready home, with a custom-built home, you do not have to accept what you don’t like. Ultimately, your budget dictates how and where you build your custom home. That said, your needs also play a significant role. For instance, if you’re building a family home, you may want to locate it near amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.



Alan Erickson

A custom home builder in Austin, Texas, Alan Erickson has more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector.